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Every year government agencies monitor tens of thousands of events and incidents around the world.

Until recently one category of event that was kept under scrutiny on a watch list included anomalous births: those beyond the bounds of scientific explanation. In the seventy years since monitoring began no anomalous birth has remained unexplained by science. Advances in the fields of genetics and related disciplines have provided deeper science of reproduction to the point where every anomaly is now explainable. In parallel, the decline of the importance of religion in the advanced world has led to anomalous births being removed from the watch list.



In a world where religion is dying in the west and rising elsewhere have we lost sight of a very real future governed by the wisdom of the past. What was once a commonly held belief is all but lost. Is anyone watching for the signs any longer? 

Back in ‘35 he (J Edgar Hoover) approved any plan that would give the FBI powers to investigate the American people. He was a zealot of a new kind in the US, a strange mix of religion and policing.


Retired field agent, 1975

Scientific advances have improved so many aspects of modern detection. And got rid of a lot of outdated concepts, like the need to keep a watch for the Second Coming. Almost no one believes it now but back then, it was still popular mainstream thinking.


Former Government Science Officer

I stand by my interview.


Special advisor to the Synod, 2018